What Plugin/Module would you want?

I am thinking of making a module or plugin but I need some ideas! Tell me what plugins you want or modules that you would use on a daily bases or just always use for your game.

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A plugin that makes my scripts for me.

What do you mean by that, lol? Do you mean like script templates?

custom fonts
i created already one but is a asset

Cool, can you possibly link me it and with your permission I can get it done!

i need update it
but there’s the link
post link: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/tipografía-personalizable/1503620
model link: Tipografia Personalizable - Roblox

I want a plugin that helps with making weapons like guns/bows/swords etc. I’m not very good at making those…

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Might be a module which make script using sentences. I would like a module creator plugin which can be helpful in making modules

This would probably be hard to make but I would do anything for a plugin that makes scripts for me.

All you would have to do is write what you want the script to do and it makes a script that does that.

Also, the same thing but with building. I’m terrible at building so I would also do anything to get a plugin lime that.

Try to make a render engine for Gfx artist in roblox high quality gfx. Building tools and lighting tools animation tools

So basically you make the gun and you click the button and setups the gun and makes it work?

What would you want in this module creator plugin, like what features?

yes. but it also leaves comments that explains how it works.

There would be some things they would have to do before hand like name the base handle and such

As long as it works and it teaches me how I really don’t mind :innocent:

Great, another question for this would you want the plugin to have the normal roblox gun system or a more advanced custom one maybe even options

If possible an advanced custom one, but as I said, as long as it works and it teaches me how to do the same I don’t mind, as long as it has stuff like the creator tag system and other stuff.

Try to make plugins for all advanced modules for lazy scripters.

Can you go into detail like a module inserter?

Yep module inserted plus configure