What Premium membership do you need to cash R$ out?

Hello everyone, I am a Roblox dev looking to make a bit of money, but I was wondering about how I can cash it out. Do I need the $20 Premium membership or is the 4.99 one fine? I am asking this since, before, you needed the Outrageous Builder Club in order to cash you R out.

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Bit weird, as the post both is from april 2020 and was just recently updated. I will answer anyway, since it might be a good reference for people who find this in the future.

You just need the cheapest membership to DevEx

Also, be aware that the way you cash out matters. I’m not sure if I can go into detail on this forum, but please contact someone if you’re cashing out for the first time in what way it would be most convenient (get the most money) to DevEx.