What priority to use for BindToRenderStep?

I am making a game, in which I am updating the position of a “targeting” part, each time when the player moves or moves the mouse. I am wondering, which of the priorities I must use in BindToRenderStep. In the docs I see the following possibilities:

Currently I am updating the part position on the “Heartbeat” event, but I read that the usual approach is to use BindToRenderStep for this purpose.
Do you think that for my use case BindToRenderStep will be better than the Heartbeat?

If you wish you can check the current behavior with Heartbeat here:

Thanks in advance

Not sure what “targeting part” means, but if it’s like a local indication of the trajectory of something then yes BindToRenderStep would be a good option. For this, you’ll likely want to be using any value greater than Input because you update the part with the mouse. Character is fine too but it seems less important in your updates and it can be corrected on the next step anyway.

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Yes, it is exactly this
I want to update the targeting part position according to the user mouse input and the character current orientation.
So using something like 301 for Priority (immediately after the Character) should be ok?