What program do you use for making UI?

Which program(s) do you use when making icons, menus, or anything out of the scope of the built in UI editor. Personally, I use Inkscape paired with the built in tools of Roblox Studio.

  • The built in tools work fine for me!
  • Studio plugins
  • Separate program(s) (reply with details)

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Sometimes, I use the built-in studio tools to create UIs, but most of the time I use a separate software such as…

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • paint.net

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is the software that I tend to use the most when creating user interfaces, but there are cases when I would use a different software such as Adobe Photoshop or paint.net, it would mostly be the case if the subscription expired or it just doesn’t work.

[SUMMARY] Overall, I mostly use Adobe Illustrator when creating UIs.


I use Adobe Photoshop, but only because I haven’t really taken the time to sit down and learn Illustrator.


Looking for something free? Then I got you covered :+1: There are a few free UI Designing programs which I will have a link to them for you. I use free programs for designing pretty much anything, I don’t use bought programs, for **Gravit Designer ** to get pro cost money, but for it plain is free, I don’t use pro, here are some online/download designing programs. :grin:



There are probably many more but this is some I use, hope this help you, and happy UI designing :slightly_smiling_face:


These are the ones are personally use - both are completely free and have a modern UI.


I use Adobe illustrator and sometimes Photoshop but if you want to be awesome UI Designer I’ll suggest you to use Adobe Illustrator

I use Paint .net to simple, easy to use and it can make fantastic creations by it. You will need to install a bunch of plugins so you can make your design more creative.

I don’t know what our team’s UI designer uses but my preference is Illustrator + Photoshop

Well, I personally use adobe XD which is free, really easy to learn how to use.

Are you able to transport adobe xd ui into roblox studio?


You can probably do that, but I don’t think exporting them as single images per object is efficient for you and the player.

hi there, i just saw your response now yikers!
anywho, yes you can but I generally only use it to make frames which require more detail than what you can add in studio along with buttons which are stylised as you can export all objects on their own