What rig type should I use when doing custom characters?

When creating custom characters, what Humanoid Rig Type should I use? R6 or R15? I assume R15 for characters with more parts but that requires more stuff? What do you think I should use?


R6 if you are “lazy”, R15 if you care about looks.
I’d use R15 since it looks good.


With custom rigs you’re not confined to the R6/R15 bone structure if you’re not using the humanoid object. If you are, you’ll need to take into consideration the bone structure of the spine or else your character will die repeatedly if it doesn’t detect the necessary joints.

R6: HumanoidRootPart → Torso → Head
R15: HumanoidRootPart → LowerTorso → UpperTorso → Head


What is the difference though?

R15 looks more realistic than R6, R6 looks more like a toy.

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