What scales or characters work best for layered clothing?

I find that Rthro works perfectly with layered clothing primarily because they focus on thinner body parts but there’s this weird limbo of the way avatar items are created that I can’t find a good balance between using layered clothing and accessories.

  • Rthro avatars make a best fit for layered clothing but I can’t stand the baked-in faces on the head meshes. Unfortunately the head is also required to reasonably complete the avatar otherwise it looks out of place.

  • Most accessories fit the classic (1.0) or 3.0 head and are incompatible with Rthro. Pre-Rthro body types all reasonably fit the 1.0 head but not layered clothing.

I’m trying to find a reasonable way to use layered clothing and accessories in such a way that they look nice but I can’t find the perfect scales or body types that would satisfy both cases. Primarily: I’d like to have a 1.0 head or an Rthro head that works with most accessories, and a body type that makes layered clothing look reasonably nice.

Peyton almost works, but the head has a baked-in face decal which ruins its usability for me. Below is a reference image of how far it’s taken me:


The 1.0 head just doesn’t fit with that body type and additionally the body parts that come with the Peyton character are shaded so the colours are also slightly off against the 1.0 head.

In short: I wonder if there’s a good way to reach harmony between accessories in general that mostly fit the 1.0 head and layered clothing that better fits an Rthro body. Feels too stretched in depth when I use any of the classic characters such as Roblox Boy or Robloxian 2.0.