What script architecture or frameworks or something should I be doing

I know how to code
what to code
but not where to code :confused:

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Metatables. If your game has any sort of repetitive objects that need their own functions, like spawning in trees or cars, or something like building on plots, then metatables could be a life changer.

They allow for inheritance while also assigning an object into a table. It allows you to save a lot of time when creating content for your game.

I’m currently working on a plot building system for a portion of my game, so these metatables aren’t really effective right now, but here’s what my script hierarchy looks like:


When I finish supporting primitives I’ll start working on objects that actually benefit way more from metatables. Currently the only benefit is the inheritance of properties.

Before adding metatables to my game, I really never got far in developing. I always hit a brick wall because I would be making mega-functions with tons of parameters and such holding object data, little did I know, metatables really can do it all for you.