What should be my 'killer' in my game?

Hey folks!

I have started the main layout of a ‘survive the killer game’, and I completely forgot about the main feature - the killer.

I know I want a cartoony feel to the game, shown by the map (not finished at all) shown below.

So, I come to you! What should I make the killer in this game? I’d love to hear suggestions!

Some notes that you may want to consider:

  • This is a round based, survive the killer game.
  • The game has a cartoony atmosphere.
  • The game, although not shown through the maps, will hopefully be set around a popular character of some sort.


again, the map is not finished.

You could have it be a random (different) cartoon character every round.

Could just be people, like players are the killers. Kinda like flee the facility.


If, for example, you were to play the game, would you rather play as yourself as the killer or play as a cartoon character as a killer?

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That depends on the game - how it’s titled, what the player expects, etc. If the game is based around cartoons then I’d expect to be a cartoon character. That would also open the possibility for unlockable characters that the player could work towards.

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Take the approach of giving them a choice maybe. Something that Dued1s Survive the Killer does. Each Character could have a ability and the Players Abilities could be upgraded maybe.You can give them a choice every round aswell but it would be too annoying.

This looks cartoonish.

I think the killer should be whatever this avatar is:
Seems suitable in my opinion.

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