What should I add here?

Im not sure what to add here, The game im making is a basketball game (“BlackTop BasketBall”) and I have the main part of the map made but the stairs lead to nothing and im drained of ideas.
Here are some pictures of the map so far


Maybe you could add like main courts (Huge arenas).

I was gonna add that as a game pass

Like a MYPark
kinda like in 2k

Yea. If you were going to use it as a gamepass you could also put a hall of fame and or leaderboard.

Good idea
im def gonna use that

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Maybe it can be a stadium with bleachers that wraps around the 6 courts? Which can then lead to whatever else you wanted to add at the top of the seats?
With this, maybe you can add a spectating team for when people either want to wait for specific matches or when they first join the game, with a spectating feature that can also focus on specific courts, since it would be hard to see from the seats.

If you’re feeling up to the task, some VIP box seats in an enclosed glass lookout, kinda like the real basketball stadiums have for the VIPs.

Make it a basketball club on a cruise surounded by the ocean