What should I add to my game?

Hey! I’m close to being done with my soccer (football) game, it’s just plain and boring right now, does anyone have any ideas of what I could add to it? I’m planning on adding gamepasses and developer products, but don’t count those. They will be added in a bit. Try to play the game a bit, leave some feedback and give me some ideas. I want this game to be different from the rest in a good way!
It needs to stand out.

Game: Soccer World - Roblox

Thanks, have a very nice day! :slight_smile:

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Before you start:

Since your game is currently in completely plain, here’s some recommendations before you start:

  • Choose between an Arcade or more like Simulation/Realistic type of game.
    Here’s what I mean:
    Arcade Games are rather seen on Roblox which have a simply play screen, quick games or minigames, like quick map voting.
    Simulation/Realistic type of games rather go into detail with multiple control options, multiple playable characters, lots of UI Design, and go very deep into detail.
  • Choose a type of “standard” color, or something that can be seen almost anywhere like on the borders of your stadium, or the colors your UI Icons, Text, etc. may have.

Here are some ideas I have for the game after playtesting it for a while:

I’ll start with a few obvious things, or stuff you were already planning to add:

  1. Decorate/Build the Stadium around you.

  2. Upload an image that has a higher resolution than the one you currently have, as the image you currently have which is used to show the markings/lines seems a bit to wide and blurry. Another option to fix this is remaking these ‘lines’ is to simply rebuild them using parts and turning off the collisions.

  3. Redo the UI of the game to make it more “consumer friendly” or appealing. Also, I might have noticed that the UI with the scores and Stamina are slightly off-centered. (Correct me if im wrong)

Now here’s some ideas:

  1. Add Teams to the Game. (fictional or non-fictional)
  • Team Names,
  • Team Colors,
  • (optional) Team Shirts
  1. Add a quick tutorial into the game. (Point 3, UI Redo)
    Here’s how you could do that, but this may be a bad solution over time.
    Add a first time tutorial option before entering the game and simply teleport someone to a one-player server game.
  2. Add a play-screen, or something simple.
  3. You can try adding map voting for different stadiums or fields, this could also be used for events or premium-only occasions
  4. The Goalkeeper and the Football goal could use some more detail.
  5. You could try remodeling the ball, however it is already perfect as it is.
  6. Try making the stamina last a bit longer.
  7. Add decoration outside the stadium, simply trees would be good enough. This however depends on how the stadium will look like.
  8. You can try add people sitting on benches (viewers/spectators/etc.)
    (Please keep in mind if you add alot of “npcs” the game may start lagging.
  9. Add a bit of UI Design.
    This includes:
  • Game Thumbnails
  • Game Icon/Logo
  • Ingame UI (score, stamina, controls)
  1. If you decide to add a lobby/map voting, etc.
    You could:
  • Show the scores at the end of each game.
  • Add a short inermission.
  • Instead of just “Tie!” or “Player1/Team1 won!” You could go more in depth with score, team players, etc.
  1. You can try adding 1v1 matches or different gamemodes like:
  • First Goal wins
  • 1v1
  • 2v2, etc.

Honestly, as of right now the base game is pretty well done. After playing with other people the ball did not seem to lag at all as it looks very optimized, the game itself works pretty good and is also fun.

Thank you for your positive feedback, I’ll first comment on some of your ideas:

This is a very good idea, I’ve realized that the middle circle is an oval shape, which is not realistic, I will make it with parts, as it probably have the highest resolution.

I did just realize this, I should work on that, I can’t stand that now that I know that.

These 3 are already done, I will change the names to Manchersted United and Manchaster city, as I think those fit the names blue and red best.

These are also already done, but I will make the UI better.

Good ideas, I can try to show “{Team} wins, Congrats!” in like big blue/red text (color of the team that won). Under that headshots (head images) of the players that scored, as some sort of thanks to them, I will also make the game last longer and add an intermission.

The above mentioned ideas, I will add later on, as some sort of update. Only if my game is doing good enough.

As I mentioned at the top, thanks for being positive. I appreciate you and I will try to add some of your ideas right now. Have a very nice day and I apologise for taking some of your time.