What should I add to this room?

I’m making a game and I’m looking to make a start place first, there will be a main room where the player spawns, a hallway with doors for making a lobby and more

The start area, is the one where I have the least inspiration. I’m trying to make this Place look kind of ancient (not as in broken pillars, damaged statues etc, more like something that’s been left clean and untouched) with a little bit of fantasy


Add some corpses

naa bro, leave the corpses alone

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Hey there,

That looks really cool, maybe you can make a throne room, since you going the fantasy style. It really depends on what kind of game you making.

I hope my comment helps you^^!

I want to sort of center it around a 2-3-4 player puzzle style game, where teamwork is needed.
I’d like a throne, but it’d feel out of place, even with the fantasy style

Here’s some suggestions:

  • Carpet or rug
  • Fancy chairs or couches
  • Plants
  • Small table
  • Candles or lights on the walls
  • Curtains on the sides of the windows
    Btw, this room looks really cool! I love the style, good job!

a statue or ruins on the walls?

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Well whats the theme of the game first? Can’t really suggest what can go in their without the game theme

Add some 1970’s soviet style furniture.

On the pillars, you could add gargoyles. Or something wrapped around them like this.

These in my opinion would look very cool.

A tattered carpet leading out of the doorway, perhaps some torn drapes, maybe some statues about? Bookshelves would be nice aswell, and maybe some tables, like it’s a library/study area type room?

you could add wall decorations such as paintings and maybe a rug but idk

A statue of a warrior pointing his sword in a charge, maybe some furniture as well. If I were you I would also put a crash course 101 about your game for new players.