What should I call a level in my game?

Hello there, I am Henry and I need a name for a Obby level in my Wallhop practice game. Currently the level is called “Easy”, I think it sounds to boring and short. I am looking for a name that stands out and is describing easiness. Comment own below some suggestions :yum:

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Unchallenging, Challenging and Beyond Challenging

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I named my levels; Easy, Medium, Hard, Hell

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Something that sticks and feels very natural to say. For example, you wouldn’t name your hardest level ‘[insert something that nobody can understand]’, but something along the lines of ‘Impossibly Difficult’ (sorry, not that good with names). Easy could be ‘Newbies’ and the hardest could be called ‘THE walls’ signifying it could be the hardest and challenging walls available

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I think you should change the “hell” section to “insane” instead because for it’s more appealing and sounds better

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I like where your going with this, I like the idea

Here it is! What do you think?

Nice naming scheme! It’s much catchier and a bit more unique than most of the regular obbies I’ve come across.

It’s great! The names are unique compared to other obby names I usually see and it is also eye-catching.

Thanks for your feedback! I took your suggestion for “Insane”,

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