What Should I Charge for an Airport Like This?

Hi! I’m Ridgeon, the Vice President of Air Canada. @GOWolfpack0808 and I are trying to get this airline ‘off the ground’. We are really hoping that Air Canada can become one of the better airlines in ROBLOX. We need an airport but we don’t have any developers at the moment. We are hoping we can narrow down a price on an airport that fits these requirements.

What we are looking for:

1. A high-quality airport.

2. Terrain and destination. [Possibly]

3. Room for First Class lounge, 3-4 stores, and a cafe.

Here is a reference photo:
[The design of the airport will change, but this is just a rough image of what we are looking for.]

Thanks for your time and replies in advance. We would really appreciate tips for getting this airline to grow.

Air Canada Executive Team

[Sorry if this is the wrong category.]


With a build as big as that, with a high quality of such pictures, that should cost at LEAST 30,000 robux.

Ok. Thanks for the estimate! I’ll keep it in mind.

32-35k robux For high quality for that big of a build

35k-40k depending on the detail of the inside furnishings etc

What if there was no interior?

30-35k to be honest, its a big airport.

i think maybe 40-50k just depends if it has all the furniture and gamepasses ready

I think that 45k-60k is a good price for something like this.


If it was 100% accurate to the picture I would way 40k (with interior)