What Should I do For the Material

So I am Making A store For My Creations and wondering what the material Should the Floor, Walls and celling Should Be And Its like a little outlet store Just to show off my ideas so if you also have a idea for what I should try Let me Know. :slight_smile:

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If its like a homestore Id try textures and tiles, if its like a background store for a larger game then just brick, concrete and maybe plastic would work

Hmmm for a home store I would add marble at the floor and possibly add concrete to the walls and the roof plastic (like most are lol)
I would love to see this progress KEEP IT UP! :+1:

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I will Try All of your Ideas And see which One looks the best! :slight_smile:

There are a number of different ways to find a proper building material i would consider using reference images of the things your creating that will itโ€™ll help you choose the proper color scheme and material choice.

Find the materials and experiment with them and see what works best to you could normally use square tiles or a type of design for the ceiling since the theme isnโ€™t clarified in the thread try adding variety of materials and see which ones match the design and theme. Some common materials are concrete, wood, tiles ect. Those types of material choices could possibly fit within the build It might be a nice idea to create a style for the ceiling design seen in actual buildings house stores and more

You can mange to find some following photographs of different material types seen in buildings, and try replicating them to your structure.

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Here is the Link to the building I made make sure to Leave me feed Back https://www.roblox.com/games/5849938373/Roven-WireLess?refPageId=37e79752-e3b2-4812-a112-d08bb1f1be5b

Marble for the floors, concrete for the walls, but I would suggest maybe slate or wooden white ceiling tiles to best suit it, though no texture is perfect