What should I do to grow my game after its release?

Hello! I just recently completed episode 1 of my horror series. And I’m wondering how I should promote my game.

I also would love feedback on episode 1.

Game Link: Face Your Fears - Roblox

And here are some screenshots of the game:


Well, firstly, posting it on the devforum just now is going to get it some attention. I am not really that knowledgeable when it comes to promoting games, but I do know that sponsoring and making ads for a game can help gain its players. Also, keeping players informed on updates will keep them waiting for the next episode. Making a few videos on YouTube might help too. Also, having a good icon and thumbnails will help.

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Ill have to try advertising on the Roblox website. It just seems to be a bad option since how much the Roblox advertising system has changed. Ill also try uploading on YouTube

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Yeah, Roblox is really bad when it comes to helping people grow new games.