What should I do to make this GUI look more interesting/detailed?


I’m attempting to achieve a nice new style for my GUI pop-up but I have no idea what to do.


I have no idea what I can improve with this GUI design.


This GUI is being used for a wrestling simulator I plan to make, plus I tend to release this in the future as well.
I’m using this same format for many different things but this is what they will all be based off of.
No, I can not change the transparency of the background… I have the text and the GUI Color itself come through a transparency fade.

Thank you to everyone who sends me feedback.


I remade the GUI inside paint.net it’s not really that good since I made it really quickly but you can see the idea’s I have for how to improve the GUI:

(also ignore the white lines outside of the actual GUI)
I hope this helps you with your GUI

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One thing you could do to make it more eye-catching is utilize different fonts, especially the different versions of Gotham as it has many thick- and thin-lined options.

Even though you say the Gui is opaque since it appears from a transparency fade, would it be possible for the backing to fade to the transparency value? Apart from aesthetic, you may also want to provide some visibility through the UI as it takes up a bit of screen space.

I would also play with the color itself, you could even use a UIGradient to change the color of the text or the background.

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It’s pretty dull, and simple; unless that’s what you were trying to achieve then it’s fine for what it was intended for.

However, I would change the font, as it currently uses the default label font, I would also add some colour into it, just like @sciville’s concept tried to show, it’s a lot more appealing to the user, and more attractive.

Good luck!


I would use photoshop but not everyone can afford it which is understandable so paint and paint.net would be the best thing

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Actually, a program called GIMP is pretty good, considered a nearly free Photoshop.

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huh never knew about that i will try that out to see what it is like

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For me the black and white make it look a bit unprofessional or bland, If its for a simulator I would make it a nice curved edge GUI with bright colours and a darker colour as a shadow, most simulators have these bright GUI’s and curved edges, you can get them from a image button/label.

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It’s supposed to go across the entire screen for a reason, I want it to be clear for everyone. to see.
I have the transparency itself fade from invisibility to where it’s at, I have no idea how I could possibly set the transparency to a certain value for transparency.
As you, @Cyanitem, and others have recommended when it comes to the font.

@uD0ge, I don’t want it to look like a rainbow wonderland. I want it to look professional, the games will have plenty of color inside of them, no need to have everything colorful. I will note the curved edges though.

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Alright, hope your wrestling simulator goes to plan :smile:

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