What should I do to upload custom music I made for a game I'm developing?

What should I do to upload custom music I made for a game I’m developing?

To be honest, I’m a bit afraid I could get it removed from Roblox if it detects it’s music or I upload it on SoundCloud.

I’ve searched about song removals and I own the content I made but don’t know how to license it or anything.

Every Answer is appreciated :3


If it is music that you made personally, I highly doubt Roblox will take it down (unless it contains offensive or inappropriate content of course). If the sound is copyrighted or requires legal permission and you use it unknowingly, Roblox will most likely take it down.


How does one make custom music?

I’ve used https://www.soundtrap.com/ I find it simple and efficient, don’t want to promote it (I’m using the free version), but it’s the best tool I found for beginners :3

Roblox wouldn’t remove custom made music. Since your uploading music you’ve made in a music software I don’t feel like Roblox will remove your audio. However, if your music has effects or other music within it, that you didn’t get permission to use it I’ll try getting in contact with the Uploader of that specific sound so you’ll have permission to use it.

Personally, since you’re uploading music you’ve made, it shouldn’t result in getting removed.

You don’t need no sort of license, however that depends if you brought a license make sure to get the right permission to use it in your game. At the start, your playing it safe by creating your own music.

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