What should I learn to script weapons?

Hello, I would like to know what things I should learn to know how to program weapons in Roblox, could someone tell me please


First u need learn Client functions and Server Functions
then u need to learn velocity and vectors


Where can I learn from that? :open_mouth:

this for server-side?
ServerScriptService (roblox.com)

and this for client-side?
LocalScript (roblox.com)

and velocity?
BodyVelocity (roblox.com)

am i right? :open_mouth:

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I preffer TheDevKing Here: https://www.youtube.com/c/TheDevKing
and lemme explain first u need do a localscript and add client function to server
Example: You will press the “E” key on your pc etc. then you have to make the thing u have made on server so other Players can see what you did on your pc Developers calls this
“Client to Server”
Then for a example when you ill press “Y” and make it with Client to Server function
u have to make that magic ,etc that Players can see
Example 2: a fireball u have can clone a ball from replicatedstorage then clone it
after that the ball needs to move so you can add Velocity then fire ball can moves
After that u can do whatever u want like a function on touch

I hope it helped you Good luck man :slight_smile:

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Thanks you bro! i’ll be checking devking videos :smiley:

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np man whenever u want
I am kinda new at posting i have made my first post yet
Heres link if u wana check it:

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