What should I name my game's group?

Right now, I have enough robux to create a group, and it’s been suggested by a lot of players that have played my game. I think it’s necessary and I need all of your help what to name my game’s group, what should I name it?

[NEW YEARS!] Operation Warstrike - Roblox

Yeah my game is broken lmao. It’s an FPS Game by the way.

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Does anybody have any group ideas? The group is supposed to be a community page for the main game, Operation Warstrike.

Arsenal have a group named ROLve Community, Games Unite Testing Place has Games unite, so what should Operation Warstrike have?


  1. Warstrike Studios
  2. Warstrike Games
  3. Warstrike Community
  4. Warstrike Devs

Choose whichever sounds best/looks best to you.


These all seem really good and if you want to match the games field then pick one of these.
if its not just going to hold that game then go with something battle related.

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