What should I script as a beginner? (as practice)

I’ve been building for about 2 1/2 years on roblox now, every now and then I want to learn to script to make my experiences better for the players.

I’ll go through the same process every time to remind myself by watching youtube tutorials, and posts on the devforum explaining the basics. Still, when I want to use the skills I’ve just learned I’m unsure what to make because I only know the bare minimum so if some people could leave some suggestions on what to script as a beginner to test my abilities that’d be great.


My first ever thing that I scripted was a tool that gave you a point everytime it was activated.

I feel like this would be great as it involves creating:

This lets you learn some of the most important things as a beginner.


If you ever require any assistance with this idea, message me and I will gladly help you.


I would recommend learning the basics of lua such as variables,functions,data types (like strings) and etc, after that you can start learning how to use roblox’s apis such as datastores,services and etc


Use your building skills and script something to make it move, change colour. do anything


The thing is, everyone would need to know at what level you are because that is also something important (for example, someone told you to do leaderstats, instances, functions, etc., and I did that in my first months of programming in lua). If you could, could you tell me how experienced you are?

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Maybe try making a weapon. Tools and gears with special functionality have been all the rage since the beginning of Roblox, so they’re very common, and could be pretty beneficial to learn how to make! Making a rocket launcher could be fun, physics and constraints are really fun to mess around with in my opinion.

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Try tasking yourself to learn about RNG with math.random() and functions. (You can make some pretty sick stuff with RNG sometimes, like a Backrooms generator.)

Also I think this post belongs in Development Discussion. I could be wrong.


tbh I just think start right at the basics and try games that show you the very basic of coding and if that to easy then try the premade obby and add some scripts in and just watch people like AlvinBlox, SuphiKaner, GnomeCode, DevKing, okeanskiy. That what I did

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Before I start off writing my own experience throughout my development career, I wanna ask these questions to bring clarification for what you feel you do not know.

  1. Have you found yourself interested in programming?
  2. Have you ever had a little experience with Lua, Roblox Lua, and Luau?
  3. Three significant linguistic terms of coding composed of syntax, semantics, and pragmatics used to modify the code with an attitude the executor can understand; have you heard of them?

When I started coding on Roblox, it seemed straightforward to code thousands of stuff, yet it was not easy to get around the difficulties of showing a lack of coding. I didn’t know Lua at first, but after taking a glance at the documentation, I understood it would be fun to program with it. With that being said, I wanted to help people and share as much knowledge as possible I learned every day. The situation led me to become an advanced scripter by now, which I think I qualify for at the moment.

Continually, I learned the syntax of Lua; afterward, functions derived in Roblox Lua, and then I comprehended Luau. Just like how regular people take inspiration from the environment to test basic stuff, I often glanced at YouTube for tutorials such the ones inspirational. I scripted my own modules, compared to ones other developers made, shared my ideas on controversial topics that might be resolved in various ways, etc. I started with those which also helped me bring out my first profitable game:

Related to front-end development

  • Changing specific properties of objects in the workspace
  • Constructing new parts and modeling different objects (such as unions)

Related to back-end development

  • Understanding server-client model with remote-controlled objects.
  • Saving data of players for what they’ve done in that game.

Internal modules to be used by developers

  • Functions or constants not embedded in math library such as permutation, factorial, etc.
  • Saving BaseParts whose “Locked” property is enabled because you cannot choose that object again until you find it in Explorer or run a command that selects it.

These are my suggestions for what to script as a beginner for practicing.

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rng can be quite bad if you just leave it like that, you might as well make something that detects what happened so the next thing that happens would not be the same

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That’s by using tables and loops to check for past results. A bit more complicated for beginners I would say.

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I saw this from a guy but i think my best suggestion/advice would be to watch TheDevKing’s full beginner playlist and advanced, get familiar with it. Then try to stick to a specific topic. of what you wanna make
Example: Making a gun
Then watch Youtube or Take help from here then create it, after you create it. Go through your code and understand it or memorize it if need be then just like this keep on going on learning with this process. I’m not a certified successful developer myself. But It helped me learn a lot of things.
And its good to take inspiration, motivation from youtube etc…