What should I use to plan my game?

Hello Developers! As I am starting to get into developing, I feel like I will be completely unorganized whilst planning a game. As I have scrolled around the DevForum I have seen people using websites it seems of some sort to plan their games. I don’t exactly remeber the names of any of them so I was wondering if anybody had suggestions.

To summarize: I am wondering about any kinds of websites anybody knows or something of the sort to plan a game.

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Trello is a good website for organizing tasks you need to do!

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Firstly you have to write down your games core concepts and mechanics to have a clear vision, you can use any game design planning/sheet, just search on google and you’ll find many.

After having a clear vision of your game and a list of features/mechanics. You should use a list/board systems to track development. (e.g Trello/Asana)

Example board for product which you can use it for game development aswell.

is it paid? I see it asks for creditcard. Im afraid they auto-charge me later

Try using Asana instead, it is known as the best free trello alternative app.


Will try Asana as trello seems to be paid. Thanks!

Tried trello and seems to work fine withitu pay as long as you use free version!

also, some of my co-devs just dont have a credit-card to use trello

Understood. I don’t either but I think there is a free version of it but with not as much features.

So, i’ve found out now you can join trello without using credit card. They only ask you for credit card if you agree with the free trial with premium, usually people click “Start Free Trial” and they WILL auto-charge you latter here.

BUT scrolling down the page you see this button where you can join with no credit card:

Thanks! I will be using Trello!

I will be using Trello! Hope it helps me!