What should my next steps be to learn how to program more efficiently/advanced?

I want to move to the next stage in learning to code on ROBLOX Lua. What should I look into?

I’m making a game as I feel it’s the best way to learn in-context as lots of simple tutorials don’t really apply at a larger scale. I started with guis as they are simple, just a bunch of if statements and detection, and now have something resembling an old game im copying (I have permission).

What I can do so far:
-Make functions and variables
-Use modules
-Use datastores
-Use tweenservice
-Use Runservice
-Equipment system which saves and works with dying/resetting
-Kinda make and use animations
-Kinda make enemy npcs, rigs
-Kinda make baisic terrain generation algorithm
-Kinda make weapons

All of the above can do with improvement (and im pround of learning since August, thought i’ve used studio for years for fun), i’ve not “mastered” any of them and it’s inefficient (but improving!)

So, what should I look into next? Some things i’ve seen which i don’t understand are having a bunch of weird symbols where i’d expect function paramaters to be, OOP stuff and metatables (I tried looking at API and a tutorial by Egomoose but everyone likes to pull random things out of thin air :confused: i’d rather not look into OOP/meta stuff just yet). Coroutines have failed miserably ;-;

If you wan’t a better idea of where i’m at, here’s a link to the game:

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It’s one thing to be able to script different ideas well and a completely other thing to script it and have your code be efficient and secure. I have been scripting for a year and I can create almost anything but my code is far from efficient and secure.

I’d recommend starting on things you don’t do as much or making a system. I usually test my knowledge on random things when I’m bored, sometimes they work and sometimes not! The only way to get better is to try and fail.

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