What should my sci fi game go about?

Hello, so I recently made a sci fi game (still working on it) and I don’t know what it should be about, what type of game should it be? Any game ideas? Game link: Space Chaos! [SNEAK PEAK] - Roblox. Some screenshots I made:

Make sure to play the game with full graphics for the best expierence.
Please give me game ideas. I do want it to be a roleplay game.


“Make sure to play the game with full graphics for the best expierence.”

I wish I had a good PC.

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Since it’s about space, mostly it would be nice to make the space actually explorable, but after some great distance from the system, the player would enter in a danger zone, that would constantly damage their ship

I don’t see good sci-fi games in roblox,
i think, a good game [sci-fi themed] would need some features like:

–You can explore
–You can create your own ship with some pre-made parts ( from the game )
–You can buy ships, engines, powers, energy, or anything mechanical to upgrade your ship
–you start with a small ship to explore of course
–you can collect ores around the whole space
–you can find hostile ships ( enemy AI ) < now u know where we are going
–there is some type of gate, and when the player ( with their ship ) enter, or cross, it will teleport them
to a new “Location in space” – Another Zone, i say

Each zone would have a different aspect, enemies, resources, challenges, and other Pre-made bases
–The gate/Zone system works like this: when they teleport they will be sent to another “place inside the game”
or if your game is really optimized and don’t need to teleport, then you can create a huge distance from
Zone to Zone ( so the player would not be able to see from far away )

–there is alot of stuff, but i only said the basic


It’s a great idea! I will list it and I will think about it!