What should my UI pricing be?

Hi there! I am a UI designer and have been making UIs for almost a year now. Since I just started to make UIs for robux, I was wondering what would be a good amount of robux to charge? Here are some examples of my UIs.


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EDIT: This the right category, right?


Based on the pictures provided, I’m thinking around 100-300, in terms of Robux. Keep at it!


Do you think 100-300 robux per UI is good or for a few? Also thanks! :slight_smile:


I like the avatar editor, profile, and shop UIs. The other pages need to be worked on more, then the pricing for this will be a lot higher. But right now for the UI as a whole, will be around 1.1k-1.3k


When you say “UI as a whole,” do you mean 1 UI or all of them? Also thanks!

As a whole meaning all of it together.


You’re most welcome! I meant 100-300 Robux seperately. The first and second UI can be considered for 300 Robux. The 3rd one (profile) is good, but shorten the distance between box and words on the left side. The rest could use a bit more work.


Some things you can also improve on is mostly on the side bar. Instead of having all the extra space on the sidebar, you should scale it to be smaller, so the UI doesn’t look so empty. On the Admin Panel UI, you should make the boxes under the “Admin Panel” text, as every other page has the boxes under the words for example “Call A Mod”, has the box under the words. Whilest the “Command1” and “Command2” boxes are centered. You should change the Changelog box to be darker like the other pages are.


Yes, this is the right category lol.


I think the text could do with a bit of padding between different elements of the UI. By this I mean that, for instance, the “Describe the situation” text is very close to the edge of the box, which I feel makes it feel a bit odd. Beyond that and some extra aligning finesse for the avatar editor UI, I believe it has a great, clean style. Makes me think of the UI design style from the first EA Star Wars: Battlefront game, but with a darker colour scheme. I have always been a fan of clean aesthetics like that.

Pricing really depends on whether you would be designing roughly this amount of content, or if you would be designing the UI for an entire game. The former would probably be as Nanonauts suggested, the latter is more of a “charge proportional to how much work you are getting from commissions” deal. I’ve seen it go into the thousands / tens of thousands range for very big, highly-detailed UIs.

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I am pretty sure I am replying a bit late, sorry about that.

So I think these UIs together would be worth around 90-200:robux_gold: at max. This is mainly because the top two UI’s are pretty good! But the menu in the bottom three look a bit too basic, maybe adding like a fancy font to it or maybe enlarging the text my help with the selling.

Well in my opinion, I don’t think you should sell it, I think it would be good for a game (If you are making one). But if you have no use for it, then good luck in selling it.

I wish you a big good luck in selling it (Again) and a big good luck in future designing.


If you were to sell all of the UIs as a whole, I’d say it would be worth 600 - 900 :robux_light: :


Thanks for the help guys. Appreciate it! :heart: