What size should I make a city

Hey guys please tell me if I am making a realistic city like GTA
how big should it be? thank you for reading


Big enough to allow for an immersive experience, but not crazy big that it causes too much lag.


Could i see the building first?

@frvgments Thank you but do you know like what size like baseplate or something?

@XxD_flam not started yet cuz we trying to figure out the size before we start

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I don’t build cities usually but it all depends on the size of everything else. Such as the cars or city lights.

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I think a 9 square grid of 2048 by 2048 baseplates should be enough for an average sized city. Maybe even a 81 square grid if you want to go larger.


@HaIfTone thank you for your answer

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The bigger the better but then again
Quality vs quantity

@oliveoff okay thank you for your answer

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Oh okay. I just asking. :smiley:

@XxD_flam got it the game is going to be like GTA

Depends on how much detail you have if you have not much detail you van maybe do a really big city but if it is really detailed it can be less big.

Alright thank you that will help a lot :slightly_smiling_face:

It depends on your interpretation, I’d say you first block it out, make an extremely simple city made out of literal grey blocks in order to get the feel for it. Establish where the important places will be, don’t let there be useless roads that lead to nothing. Allow for exploration, but don’t make it too obnoxious. The more centralised the player activity is, roleplay and general socialisation will be more common; henceforth, allowing for a more concurrent playerbase.


I’d recommend you plan it out first, instead of just building from nothing. Also since the game is kind of like GTA, I’d probably recommend trying to optimize the game since it might lag. As for the size I’m not too sure but I think 9 baseplates would be enough. All in all the size depends on how much stuff you can build.

for me it is impossible. you can imagine how big GTA maps are but if that’s your intention to make me support it. :+1:

@frvgments @oliveoff @Musketfall @HaIfTone @DeriNurmawan1 @XxD_flam and everybody can you please also help with this: Help adding stuff to a realistic game