What Skill Should You Pursue?

Hello :wave: there. You’re either a hardcore professional, upcoming developer, or a beginner robloxian wondering what type of development you should learn. Fear no more! I have created a pros and cons list for each and every type of skill.


Ah, scripting. The “best of all skills”, or so some say. Truth to be told, it really depends. Some UI designers and GFX designer earn more then scripting off their many commissions. But anyway, here’s the pros/cons list:


  • Great skill to know in life, not just in Roblox
  • Can usually bring in more robux/money
  • As all games require scripting, this is great to know for personal projects


  • If this is your first programming language, then it’ll take a while for everything to “snap” in your brain
  • Perfecting your knowledge on Luau’s syntax may take a while since there are many Roblox-made services/functions


Honestly, I feel building is somewhat important, but with more advanced 3D softwares that can have detailed models with custom textures, building may become obsolete one day.


  • Large paychecks for detailed builds :moneybag:
  • You can build in the comforts of Roblox Studio and not have to venture into the mysterious world we know as Blender


  • Limited to four primary modeling tools, but you can download plugins for speed up your workflow
  • Parts have a minimum size cap
  • Limited to the few textures Roblox provides


When it comes to modeling, you have another wide range of types to choose from. You can go into the low-poly industry, or try your luck in the high-poly market. Both get lots of attention, so it’s really up to you what you want to do!


  • More flexible with custom textures
  • Vertex-based building rather than part-based
  • More detail


  • Takes a while to master the tools
  • Requires a third-party software such as Blender (free), Maya (paid), or Cinema 4D (aka. C4D, also paid)

[color=red]UI Designing[/color]

A nice UI is what all players like to see when loading into a fresh new game on Roblox. This can range from sleek, to medieval, to even cartoony!


  • With time and dedication, you can make some awesome UIs
  • Big :moneybag: (please do not overprice and charge 10K per frame!)
  • UI is the second impression on the player! Everybody wants to make good impressions!


  • UI requires a lot of dedication, as it can take a while to make UI if you make it excruciatingly detailed

[color=orange]GFX Designing[/color]

GFX designing is the art of making, well, art! GFX designers produce many of the cool looking logos and thumbnails you see in modern restaurant/cafe, simulator, tycoon, and many more games.


  • You can charge pretty high for these, as you’ll be making high quality art for people’s games
  • Logos/thumbnails are the real first impression on a potential player


  • LOTS and LOTS of competition
  • Takes a bit of effort to produce a well-made GFX


Music! Sound effects! High-pitched tycoon musics that get stuck in your head for decades! This is the art of composing music. Music plays a large factor in keeping players interested and maybe coming back. If you make a tycoon, perhaps compose a calming tone to ease their state of mind, and so on.


  • Music keeps players
  • Not too many composers are out there as people in other professions, so take your chance!


  • It’s extremely helpful to have musical talent for this (Don’t say in the comments “Stop discouraging people from doing their dream!” I said “it’s extremely helpful” for a reason. Nothing’s impossible unless you don’t try it.)

That concludes this topic! Tell me your thought in the replies, and tell me if this inspires any of you to pursue a specific topic of development!

See you next time!


I see some flaws in the way you’re presenting some things:

There are many good building plugins that you can use to make things easier for yourself, such as SBS, Archimedes II, ResizeAlign, and much more.

That cap is 0.01 for every axis. Why is it an issue here?

PBR is coming soon.

If you don’t care for optimization in your game, you can achieve the same with parts. Models are more efficient and scripter friendly.

You also put “takes a lot of time” under every skill as a con. And it is one only if you’re treating the website as a quick money grab (just like some mentions of money in there suggests you also do). Other than that, it’s a plus because you can spend a lot of time on something you like and make it truly yours. There are way more cons and pros for all of the given “jobs,” and you don’t even mention all of them. Next time, I suggest you try and do more research into what you’re trying to help people with.


I thought the minimum size was 0.05.

Wait… PBR for parts is coming!? :flushed:

This is false since plugins exist that can enhance your building skills and potentially make it easier once you get the hang of plugins you install.

Also a con for anything but scripting & building can be that they have to download and learn how to use third-party software.


I was going by the smallest increments you can go with in Studio and I think you might be right with this one.

Yes. There was an announcement for it. It’s in beta and idk when it’s coming so that’s why I said soon lol


Hmm. I never really thought about this until you pointed it out.

This is true, and I tested it out for myself to avoid confusion.
minimum size

Great tutorial, but for now, I am gonna stick to scripting because it’s “The best of all skills” :wink:


This is what I’m truly scared of. Although it’s unlikely, the demand for builders may die out some day. :weary:

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you might want to change the color of the text here, I can barely see it.

Well, it’s not true. I understand this is a hacky method but is still a workaround and can’t say it’s not possible.


Me too. I mean,

I’m not so good at math, so I can’t do Scripting.

Modeling, is too hard for me.

UI designing, I don’t even know how.

Composing? Not a chance.

GFX designing, I’d try it atleast.

I do building but…

I also do translation, but Roblox is close to removing us one day.

You don’t need to be good at math to script. :joy:


Half agreed, you can definitely code things without needing to know math! Although, more complex coding requires much more math. I sometimes look at scripts that are complex and have no idea what they say because it’s just impossible to understand (for me) math.

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Expand more the topic with actual examples, like, adding personal experiences from others developers and difficulty to learn instead of just pros and cons.

As a scripter in Roblox this is my personal experience:

  • Scripting is hard, It get’s harder the more you learn but everything you did before becomes easy
  • Roblox services/functions are life savers but they have some cons, for example, Avoiding wait() and why - Resources / Community Tutorials - DevForum | Roblox
  • Learning scripting helped me learn others development skills because if you don’t have a team it’s up to you to make everything else and script it.
  • Scripting helped me understand JavaScript, now with practice I can fully learn Js yay
  • Thanks to scripting and being a solo developer I’ve learn to use externals software VSCode w/ rojo, Git, Sublime Text, Blender, Paint/net and Photoshop to improve development.

As a builder I always thought building and modeling is the same thing. Now I know both :wink: