What "Spend group funds" actually allow?

I cannot find a single thing I can do with group funds having that permission.


Hello! With the “Spend group funds” permission, you can payout the robux in the group

You just have to hover your mouse on “Revenue” and click on “Payouts”

Then you’ll be able to payout the robux in your group!

That’s basically what the permission does!

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You cannot do that, its strictly locked to the owner.

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Oh, then I assume it’s for spending the group funds for roles in the group and other group changes that uses the funds

I’m afraid that’s also locked to the owner. I think that roblox just forgot about this permission.

Probably, I tried with my alt and it only allows you to the “summary” and “sales” section of the “Revenue” tab

You can use it to advertise group assets and create paid items such as badges.