What subjects should I learn before creating a kart racing system?

I love games like Mario Kart, or SRB2Kart - the more casual nature lets anyone pick them up and have fun, unlike other racing games, which tend to be more on the competitive side, or have a high skill ceiling. Unfortunately, the kart racing genre isn’t very prevalent on ROBLOX [ - from what I’ve seen ], I’d like to change that and attempt to develop my own kart racing game.

That said, I’m not very knowledgeable when it comes to coding. I know the most basic of commands, and can do a limited handful of things. I understand that there are important things to understand before going in and attempting to develop some big script heavy projects, and that’s why I’m here.

  • Why don’t you just take a pre-existing chassis/car off the toolbox and build off of that?

Karts and cars handle very differently when compared to one another, for example: generally karts remain grounded, and don’t bounce around very often - cars typically have suspension which leads to them bouncing and getting airtime. I would still need coding knowledge to figure out how to keep karts grounded, or change the handling. That, and I’d like to limit the amount of free models I use.

  • Why not Google it?

I have! The only thing I could find that would be somewhat helpful is a series where someone attempts to develop a kart racing game. Everything else seems to be posts from the DevForum, asking how to develop a kart racing game. I’d rather come up with my own solutions than rip-off someone else’s code anyways.

My primary focus would be the kart system itself, and drifting. I’m not too worried about power ups, laps, ect. just yet, I can’t make a racing game if I can’t figure out how to make functional karts.

Thanks in advance.

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You’ll have to find information that’s not directly related to Roblox and apply it.

This GDC video has some great info, both related to the physical model and game feel:

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Ah, very interesting. I wasn’t aware it was possible to do so - I’ll definitely be checking out the video you sent when I get the chance, thanks!

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