What Terrain do you Like Better?

For my upcoming game, I made a couple of terrains. I would like to know which one you think is best. I am thinking of something for a small city with a forest near it. Here are the options:

Terrain #1

Terrain #2

Terrain #3

Terrain #4

Which one do you like the best?

  • Terrain #1
  • Terrain #2
  • Terrain #3
  • Terrain #4

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Thank you for your time! Feel free to explain your choice in the comments!


I chose terrain #4 for a reason, it has an ocean and a huge flat place where you can make your city and your forest.


I personally choose terrain #3 because I just think it is nice. I don’t have an actual reason though, apologies!

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So I think that terrain #3 is a good option because it is pretty bumpy and gives the person more place to explore. It also stands out with the good placement of the lakes.

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I think terrain 3 is the most even and enough mountains to make it more realistic but it has a little too much water, maybe elimateing 1 or 2 ponds.

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Maybe just the small and tiny puddles that don’t make much of a difference.

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I chose terrain #3 because of the bumps and the mountains in the background. It seems like a great place to build a city(Right of the mountains). The lakes are nice too, but they reduce the space to build something. Terrain #4 is nice and flat for building something on top of it, but it looks to plain in my opinion.

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Firstly, I wouldn’t choose 3 do to it’s elevation and bumpy areas, a small city with a forest will be good for a flat surface and little areas with a lake.

Regardless, it’s too much elevation and hillsides if you plan on modifying it a bit more to fit the scene your going for; I would consider using reference images to give you an idea on how you want your city to look like. Take for an example ‘Atlanta’ has a city within a forest with small parts of areas of lakes altogether to incorporate those other elements and features,

(Getting feedback from other users on which terrain to choose is good and all), but instead I would focus on what specific terrain you like to develop your city with a forest area around. Overall, if you plan on choosing the 3rd option.

I would just recommend modifying it a bit more add flat surfaces to place your city on, and a forest with little ponds or even access to a lake area. :slightly_smiling_face: