What textures/material would make my house look better?

I’m in the midst of building a house and I’m struggling with how I’m gonna make this color scheme work, especially since all the textures and materials look horrendous in light yellow/vanilla.




I’d recommend using a texture pack in the Toolbox some of the packs contain good textures which will fit for sure, also the “Professional Texture Pack” Is the best in my opinion.

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Yeah thats what I’ve been using but none of 'em look very good tbh

For the Build, I think it’s fine but the bottom of the Build just doesn’t seem to fit, I would probably make the yellow a bit darker personally.


Maybe use a custom wood texture for the walls, cobblestone for the bottom part of the house and use slate for the roof

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I don’t think it’s too much of a material problem. The colors don’t match exactly. Try adding some more white to the yellow and changing the lighting.

If you do want to change the materials, change the foundation to cobblestone or slate.


you should use a mesh for the walls

Maybe a mesh that looks like this ?