What time zone are Roblox Events in?

I’m trying to create an event for my game, but it is unclear what time zone I am actually using to set the event start and end time. I want the event to be kicked off at a specific time as that is when the real life soccer match will kick off.


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I have a feeling for that, it’s your time zone.

please correct me if I’m wrong but that’s what I’ve experienced iirc


Yup, I think that it’s the most logical thing since there isn’t any mentioning of time zones on the Event Menu.

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Thanks to the both of you!

I was not sure as I see that Roblox often uses the central or pacific time zone in other places on their websites and throughout other developer tools.

Did a little trial and error as well to find it it wouldn’t let me set an event unless it was 15 minutes past my time zone

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