What to add to this lobby?

Hey! I’m part of the team creating a figure skating game, and so far our lobby (which is our whole map, but the ice rink in the middle is not accessible most of the time) is looking a little boring.
Here are our planned features so far:


Photo shoot area

Spawn area (in the form of a cabin)


Scenic buildings and terrain (some of which already added)

A few hidden places (caves, etc.)

Premium Lounge

Get to know the staff wall

And below is an image of our map so far!

If you have any other ideas, we’d really appreciate you commenting below!


I would just recommend filling the whole outside with houses so that players can’t escape and stay in the lobby. I know you mentioned Scenic buildings so hopefully they are connected to give it a more of a closed lobby so players remain inside the lobby.


There will be invisible walls as well!


A skate booth, if you already planned to add that my bad. You could also do with a place to customize or a little “bar” to chill with friends


Okay, maybe this is a bit far fetched… but what about…

A ice statue of 3 parts…

  1. Head
  2. Middle
  3. Feet

and there are 3 buttons

If you press button 1… the Head changes to a other head…

Players can mix and match a new ice statue.


Regarding you have most of the important details planned out which would work for an lobby, you could perhaps throw in a sort of ‘shop area’. Where you can get different equipment - clothes - stuff related to the game if ever needed in your case.

Instead I would try adding things to do when players are interacting with each other in lounge places, maybe small games ect; when players get bored. Making your lobby look interesting and appealing could help keep players in, just to note if you plan on filling empty corners or areas with building. Consider having a variety of kinds so it doesn’t look repetitive.

Otherwise it seems you got most of the things planned out.


I would add vegetation like bushes and more trees inside the circle of them. It gives it gives it a more real-life feel. There will be sidewalks, too, right?