What to Check Before releasing your game

So I have made a game but before I release it what are the things I need to check before releasing it


Check for bugs and see if everything is working right then call out a tester to test it ,this is what i do to release my games


The first thing I’d check is the developer window (F9 in game) this gives you insight on to memory usage, ping, request times, a complete script profiler (sever side and client side), datastore stats, server stats (like bandwidth), and a micro profiler. These are all things you can use to check if your game is running smoothly and there are no hangs in scripts or memory leaks.


I think this should be in #development-discussion / #help-and-feedback:game-design-support
Butttttttt, I recommend a few things.

  1. Get OTHER people to play your game, other people can show you their opinions and may not have biases, this can also show flaws in your game
  2. Like @steven4547466 said, check the developer window to make sure everything is ok in there (bandwidth, mem usage, etc)
  3. Just replay your game as a “new player”, or get a new player to play it, some mechanics may be super intuitive to you, but not other people.
  4. Run through all your scripts and optimize them, by searching “Script” in the explorer. This one takes a while and is a pain, but trust me in the end, your game will run way better and might improve UX in some points
  5. Finalize UI, make sure all UI has the same style, and color scheme. This will just make it more pleasing to the eyes for new players!

I hope I helped :smiley:

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Ye this should belong in development discussion I forgot that I have a draft topic and it has been set to scripting support… But thanks for the reply

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  1. Check to make sure all plugins and free models you use do not have any viruses.
  2. Make sure your game complies with the Community Guidelines to ensure it doesn’t get moderated.
  3. Check for critical bugs.
  4. Make sure it does not use up too much memory.