What to do for roof?

Currently building a low poly store. I’m nearly done with the walls, but I have no idea what to do for the roof. It’s only 1 story tall, and has different rooms for instruments.


Any help would be appreciated.


I would do a flat roof with maybe a few skylights. I feel like most stores or at least around where I live have flat roofs with a few skylights.

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You can do glass domes, that would look super nice.

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Like C0_le said, do a flat roof as that is what the very high majority of stores have. As for what to put on it I would place the usual things such as air vents, pipes etc.

This image is a good reference

If you really wanted to you could also add solar panels like the store in the image. Some more things you should do to add more oomph to your roof is, like in the image, add a small wall behind the main logo for the building as it adds a bit more height and also makes your logo stand out more. I would also add a tiny wall all around the edge of the store (also seen in the image above) as it creates a sort of border around the roof, it also prevents the roof looking completely empty and dull, you could even add some decoration to it if you’d like.

Finally, if you are going to add a skylight I would add some shape to it as it, again, will make the roof have more of a good look to it. Now, when I talk about shape to the skylight I would personally add it as a flat prism like this:

That’s all the ideas I can currently think of right now, good luck!