What to expect from a prison tipe game

so id like you guys to tell me what you expect form a prison game
what are the things you like and dislike in prison game
what system shod I add to make it fun to play
I don’t want to make something like jailbreak i want to make something more around the prison, like making tools out of part found around

my map is basically a prison island and there is a village a bit more far past a forest…

I dislike prison life games because they have the same concept- there’s nothing different about one and the other because there is no twist. They are all trapped prisoners, or guards trying to chase the prisoners. If you are trying to make a prison life game I would suggest changing the atmosphere or having a twist. For example, something like Alcatraz in Roblox, a high security prison surrounded with water and there could be boats and stuff to escape outside. Another example could be that it could be in space. You get my point, you should add a twist to the game.

However, don’t make it too overwhelming or complicated because the simplicity is the reason of why I also like prison games. For example, the game ‘Prison Life’ was a favourite for me when I was a child because it was simple (and there was no lag lol), however nowadays I don’t play it because of exploiters; which brings me on to my next point.

You should definitely make a strong anti-cheat/ anti-exploit because prison games have a lot of exploiters (which I don’t really understand because what would you win by exploiting? a gun that you’d need to pay for? when the next time you join, the exploiter would have to exploit again).

By something more around the prison, like making tools out of a part found do you mean a crafting system? Because if you do, that would be excellent because I haven’t seen that a lot in Prison games. Maybe to build a ladder to climb over walls, or perhaps weapons? Its your choice. Use your creativity, don’t make the same stuff again and again without anything to change, because people won’t play the game.

(Sorry for the long post)


You should add like idk guns, robbing, planes, boats or vehicles. Its just my opinion.

I only dislike prison life’s prisoners and the people who escaped can attack eachother and the riot gamepass being too op

I agree, but the reason exploiters exploit the game is just because its fun for them and for many people trolling has some fun in it. But the problem is that even if you have a strong anti cheat, you cant deny the fact you can just make new accounts. And i dont think theres an anti cheat for btools or some client that removes objects or parts. Its just not possible.

Dont make it extremely hard to escape unlike jailbreak where you can walk out of prison and make the game more focused on the prison rather than robbing places

I agree, also i think if it cant be too hard to escape, there should be a balancer where you cant join a certain team if the other team has less players or for example:

You shouldnt be able to join cops or whatever you call it team if it has more players than

I think almost all prison games already have it

Yea, I was just saying as its a good featuer

well talking about exploit and btools

script.Parent = nil
getfenv().script = nil
		local Copy = descendant:Clone()
		local Parent = descendant.Parent
		Copy.Parent = Parent

I just use something like this yes ofc it can be disabled by exploiter
on the other hand, lots of exploiter are copy past so they won’t and when it comes to the client-side I try to do simple things to patch “noob” exploiter or exploit that cant get connection or those things

when you talk about anti cheat are you talking about game feture anti cheat or general anti cheat ?

Any anti-cheat that will stop exploiters.