What to use as alternative to Part.Velocity?


I’ve been using Part.Velocity to make a part move in a parabolic curve following Egomooses tutorial on projectile motion

However now Part.Velocity is deprecated and i need an alternative

However if i use somthing like bodyVelocity, the part just keeps going in a straight line, so what should i use instead?

Thank you for your time


Just try using Part.Velocity = Velocity instead of BodyVelocity

sry i didn’t mention the key issue xD. Part.Velocity is now deprecated so i am looking for an alternative

Maybe you could use BodyForce?

From the release notes page, the replacement seems to be AssemblyLinearVelocity:


thank you kindly, I don’t see why they couldn’t have added a single sentence pointing towards this in Part.Velocity page