What type of admin should I use in my cafe?

So, I’m trying to figure out what type of admin that I should use in my cafe game, any help?

  • Basic Admin Essentials
  • Adonis
  • HD Admin
  • Kohl’s Admin

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Thank you for the help. If there is another form of admin that you recommend, please tell me. :smile:


Also, if I put this in the wrong category, please tell me!

It really depends on your needs. There are a variety of admin systems on the ROBLOX platform, and they each have their own pros and cons.

Basic Admin Essentials (BAE) is used by most groups, as it is a clean lightweight system that features a clean interface.
Adonis is a more feature-packed system, and has a lot of commands.
HD Admin is similar, and has a lot more fun commands.
Kohl’s Admin Infinite (KAI) is popular because of it’s simplicity, and ease of setup.

Overall, the choice is yours.


I am a bit late here but I recommend coding your own custom admin system, as you will know what are you doing and it’ll be totally safe.

psssss: wrong category.

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What category do I need to put this in?

@SoldierxxOreo_o This possibly could be put in #help-and-feedback:game-design-support, as you are asking how to design your game (considering the admin), as you are not showcasing anything.

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Ok, thank you very much! (30 Chars)