What type of builds attract people?

I’m trying to build a good portfolio of mine and I was wondering what I could build as a good example of my work. I was wondering if there was something that I could build that would make people hire me more!


Try things people need the most, lobbies, maps, somenthing that will show many types you can do, good luck with your portfolio! :wink:

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In such a case, try to create something that no one has seen before. You would also want to work on smaller details and where to add that, as that is vitally important. Usually, those who hire developers look at something they have never seen before, and they also look at the details.

You need to create some unique things that nobody has really seen before, some big buildings, or maybe even maps.

Keep in mind - The MORE you have, and/or the BETTER the builds are the more people that would want to hire you.

Most games are built in a low-poly style, so I’d say low-poly is probably a safe bet. Either that or incredibly detailed and realistic builds.

There was a sort of similar thread regarding what building style people like to see.

My personal opinion is to try to incorporate a proper style and create all kinds of models and builds with that specific style to your liking, a style isn’t required when placing your work within your portfolio. I feel like you could try creating something you enjoy making that way you would build something that your interested in; and create all sort of things.

There are many things you could show inside your portfolio have you tried finding something you enjoy making? Examples: battleships - weapons - large builds castles ect. For starters view variety of portfolios and see what attracts people everyone does have different approaches. See here:

I’ve seen in my builds and showcases I’ve made on alts (I use alts so people don’t judge it on whom I am and instead what I’ve made) they seem to like, 1 Realistic builds, 2 Vibe rooms / builds, and 3 Obby type things, plus low Polly, but that’s the average Roblox PLAYER not Developer. And the community is always changing so it’s really hard to tell.