What type of builds do people like to see in portfolios?

What type of builds do people like to see in portfolios because people are not really interested in my builds (Portfolio). I am looking for help, so I can make builds that people like and then put it on my portfolio. I tried looking at other portfolios, but it isn’t really helping. If possible can you give me examples? Thank you!

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People like to see nice builds not simply builds but if you have simply builds that means you’r trying your best just like these ones!!

What ever you made it looks nice to me, if you decide to get your builds out there to other people do it! then the people can help you out on what can you approve what you need to add. To your work on but you don’t really what people like till you get your portfolio out there hope this helps you…


Thank you! I will wait tomorrow if I get more replies on my portfolio.

Alright Sam!! good luck man…

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Anything that can display what you can do as a builder that looks decent.

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Well just by looking at your pictures, none of them are actually in a game. People like when they see your models actually in games and in good lighting and stuff.

So add some background to the builds, put them in places where they fit.


Okay, thank you. I will try this.

I think big houses or si-fi buildings would look cool.

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People like to see your best showcases/builds and as @Zabazz good lighting and possibly some builds you made that were made in different games.

But I don’t feel like building styles is really a problem when used in a portfolio, unless you specifically build on one style.

Well, I have some tips here (this part kind of ties with portfolio organization):

  • organize all your builds shown
    To demonstrate this:
Build 1
Build 2

Preferably keep a similar building style so others know you built all showcased (and some users were accused of “stealing assets” because of this).

For the builds themselves, I recommend showcasing full maps rather than just small props/tools. To me, showcasing only props/tool makes me think the builder rushes his work, and something that small can’t show all capabilities I am not! directing this to anyone!

If a builder would like to showcase their tools/props, they can, but at least have a few maps. This is an example here:

This talented person showcased his models from Blender that are small and his big builds and maps. Well done. :clap:

It is also very important to provide details on your portfolio, like payment, etc.

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I made a guide about the Public Recruitment and Public Portfolios sections of the DevForums, and whilst it doesn’t tell you what builds you should include, it gives a nice overview of the category itself and how you can better format your portfolio and respond to users on there.


First, your builds are amazing. But the key parts of good pictures are the angel and lighting that makes it eye candy
For an example:

The first picture would be more appealing, and the second picture shows the entire room with bad lighting
If you have big maps, try finding an area that looks amazing and taking a photo of just that instead of zooming out and taking a picture of the entire map.

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