What type of Combat System do people like?

I’m trying to make a combat game, but I’m not sure what kind of combat system people will like.

Should I make the combat system have skilled, precise movements like Critical Strike, or should I make it a simple combat system where you just spam, like Roblox Bedwars?

Feel free to suggest any other combat suggestions you have.

Combat System Poll
  • Spammy Combat System
  • Skilled and Precise Combat System

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I like precise combats because people would actually have to use there skills in aiming to get there opponent, precision means perfect timing and thinking about how to be defensive while going on the offense.

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I’m going to leave this poll up for 2 more days, after that I’ll close it and finalize the combat system.

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When thinking of combat, you want to think about what kind of game you want it to be. Do you want it to be a faster paced game? Go bedwars style. If you want it to be a slower paced game, go for precise combat.

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i think it mostly depends on other mechanics the game offers, taking minecraft bedwars as an example, the pvp system totally works because despite the core system being rather simple, there’s the whole building part around that, if you dont have another big system or mechanic to weigh it out like that, you’re gonna need to make a complex combat system to make up for that (assuming you want the game itself to be rather complex)