What type of game should make

You can write your topic however you want, but you need to answer these questions:

  1. What do you want to achieve? I want to make a game but don’t know what’s the best option to Choose from.

  2. What solutions have you thought of so far?
    Well I started off thinking about a



  1. It’s really good when trying to attract kids(the main group for a Roblox game) to it and they play all day

  2. It’s really rewarding when it comes to the money you make off of it

  3. It’s good to get a lot of players


  1. Almost every tycoon idea is taken so it’s hard to make a original

  2. It probably will not end up on the front page because it’s copied a lot and the game will lose traction



  1. They are pretty long so that’s good for premium payouts

  2. They are really attracting to new ish Roblox players and the younger side


  1. They don’t really get that much Robux opportunity’s like basically the only thing you can give is a donate center a skip stage gamepass or a vip room that’s mostly it.

  2. They are not really attracting to the older side of Roblox

Your own game


  1. It’s new nobody knows the plot and they could be surprised

  2. Most people would enjoy it again it’s somthing new


  1. It’s not attractive to the younger side much

  2. If your game got on the front page it would usually just get left there sitting with 10 - 20 concurrent players at peak times

So I’m kinda stumbled by all of this what is the best thing to go for?


I guess to brainstorm in the night.
That’s when I got my game’s idea.

These days camping and piggy is trending try making one of them.
They are hard to make but you’ll get it.

Well I’ll give my honest opinion here, even if your game is really unpopular - as long as you like it and enjoy developing it you will learn more and be able to create better games in the future (or even the current one may turn out to be a success). If you just aim for popularity, you will get nowhere. And even if you do, it may not last long. So the main thing is that you enjoy what you’re doing, for the fun and experience; not the popularity or “because people will play it”. You could fail to make a game as many times as you like but it will just come to you one day, as long as it’s your passion. Again this is just my opinion, so it is not factual (please don’t criticise if you disagree haha). :smile:


This really depends a best way to come up with different games to create or finding one that would interest players is develop a game based on something that you enjoy the most or would love to create.

Find something that inspires you if your into simulators fps games or roleplay create a game based around that role and genre, there’s different factors to go about find something that you would be interested in playing if you instead first person shooter games find a good gameplay create something different that would stand out from existing games or the skills that will employ within the game.

Always sketch or write down different ideas in a notebook, whether it be something that plays a role, such a (Fps, Rpg, Simulator, Adventure, Action ect). It basically comes down to your overall preferences.

Find something that you would really have a fun time enjoying - playing and that users will have a better player experience looking at existing games is another to find games that player spend the most time on there’s different approaches to take.

I highly suggest not to make another piggy game. Piggy games are very overrated and are not a foreign concept to anybody anymore. It may have been interesting at first, but it had its run.

As for camping, that seems to be like a nice starting concept. They’re not too hard to script.

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