What type of weld is this? If it even is a weld

Hey so I have been looking at this interaction system and can’t seem to figure this out, it’s probably really simple but I can’t seem to figure out what type of weld this is… It seems like the object is welded to the “hand” and you can lift the object in the air and it won’t change orientation relative to the character but as soon as the object hits another object it moves it. Look at the image to better understand what I’m trying to say:

In the image you can see that the “headlight” is touching the wall and therefore it’s orienation is changed but it remains welded to the “Hand”, what type of weld or how could I achieve the same effect? Thank you all.

Bump - Since I still need help with this

its possibly just setting the models CFrame to the walls surface Normal

But it looks so “physical” as if it was unanchored and attached to a point, while settings the CFrame to the walls surface normal would make it look kind of unnatural.

It might be an AngularVelocity instance with angular speed set to zero, with enough torque to keep a relative rotation but not enough torque to resist a wall.

looking at it again its definetely a one attachment AlignPosition (paired with AlignOrientation to rotate it to the walls surfacenormal? or one of its AlignTypes)

Thank you guys for your tips but managed to find a solution to this myself, “only” took like 2 days :sob:

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