What types of props should you use for your builds?

I have been building a corridor which has taken me quite some time. I have been stuck on one thing for a while; Props.

There is many different types of props, which you can use in different styles. Props are usually space fillers, but I don’t seem to know what types of props to use and how I will use them.
I am attempting to make a SCP game, based off some pictures I found on the Devforum about a facility in the 1980’s. There is lots of empty space in my facility and I was speculating about what could fill the gaps.

I was thinking of fences, or some crates and containers, but didn’t get any farther. What props would you add?


Add anything related to the facility, such as worker equipment, or everyday things one would have for a job, you could see some videos or pictures of workplaces, and maybe take reference from it.

All I can think of is crates and maybe a forklift?

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It looks great already.

What I would add

There is many things I would add into this, but I don’t know a whole of SCP type games.

  • Metal Crates

  • Metal Barrels

  • Prop Guns (Display Case)

This the suggestions a I think would look good, but Like I said I don’t know much about SCP games.

What you can do

There is many ideas to get inspiration! If my suggestions ain’t enough I would

  1. Wait for other peoples feedback

  2. Play some famous SCP Games.

  3. Do research online look at like SCP facilities or games.


That is all of my feedback I have. Hope your project/game goes well!


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You can add shelves, vents, some posters, alarm lights, plants, barriers, palettes, facility directions/map,… there’s a lot of things that you can add. Try using google images, pinterest etc. Hope this helped and good luck with your scp site!


Maybe a spilled drink or plants?

Alright thank you, i will try it.

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