What were the default fonts for the output window and the script editor?

Roblox made it a new font 14 hours ago and I’m not a fan of it to be frank. What was the default font for the script editor and font size, and the output as well? I want to revert back these changes

Courier New 10 pt; Bold was the old default

For which? Script editor of output window? What was font of other one?

For the script editor. The old default for the output was “MS Shell Dlg 2” I think.

No it wasn’t. Just checked. can you ask around for more credible information?

Oh, was that not the script editors font though at least? You can probably find a ss on google or something of the studio settings from some time ago.

My computer has hundreds of fonts. It’ll be a pain to look through all of them. Can’t someone with more knowledge tell us? The change only happened less than a day ago and already people are starting to forget…Shame

I was right about the script editor one except it was normal and not bold. I dont really care what font I have for my output but I love the old default script editor one. Try asking on here: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/script-editor-fonts/1307294/4

The old font for the script editor was Courier New as @keith_220 said.

It’s Source Sans Pro : 10pt, Normal

I’m not sure but it looks just like it.