What will happen if I made a very first synthwave/outrun game in roblox?

Imagine if there is a new theme of game appear in roblox, will you be willing to play it?

I’m afraid that tons of the players who really likes modern pop and raps will refuse this theme of game.

I’m also afraid my game will last for a very long time.(Because it is a game that doesn’t have a in game currency)

I need your opinion, I don’t want to get very less profit from my hard working game.

This is how synthwave/outrun looks like:
Power Drive 2000


Actually, new ideas are always great. Sometimes you have to try and make a game, and who knows? It might be a hit! That video got me wanting to play that game, to be honest.

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Don’t be afraid to create a new trend. Sometimes what we need is a new trend!

You’ll never know unless you try :man_shrugging:

I think this would be awesome to play (I also love synthwave :stuck_out_tongue:). You can also extend this game behond what is shown in the video when you are done. Maybe you could get points to upgrade things when you drive?

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This sounds like a pretty cool concept, i’d try it out or play it if it was an actual game.

If you think it has potential, go for it.

Weird argument. Players a generally very open to games no matter what style. We literally have a dark and gorey FPS on the same platform as a bright and cheerful game in which you take care of pets.

Don’t limit yourself to what you “think people will like/hate” Players genuinely only care about gameplay - as long as graphics don’t get in the way. Make a good game and you can apply virtually any theme to it. (As long as it fits)