What would be a better way to move a Ski Lift with cable sag?

Hi Scripters! Wondering if anyone could tell me a different to move a Ski lift with cable sag, I’ve tried with tweens so far, and not sure what to do. If I use tweens, this is what happens:

  1. If not equally spaced, the lift will go slower or faster.
  2. For setting up controls, the setting the speed system lower is harder due to the time thing tweens use.

Sorry if this is already a topic, I just have not found any that I’m looking for. Also I’m using Rod constraints.

Did you look into Bezier Curves?

Hm, it does look like it would work, but would there be a way to slow down the lift with a speed value?

Yep, and also there is spline which I feel like is more suited for your use case. Lucky for you I recall someone making a module for it the forums and a week ago.
And conveniently enough, there is function called :FollowPath(objects: {BasePart | Model}, speed: number, distance: number)

That might work, just what would I use before :FollowPath ?