What would be a free app that is the same quality as Photoshop?

Hi developers,
So I went to search for Photoshop and I found that it cost about $20 a month. Do you guys know any free ones that are as good as Photoshop?

(If you add a link, it would be very appreciated)


You can find tons of free apps here:

For this I would recommend Photopea. Almost the same as Photoshop, but free and online.

Thank you so much, I will make sure to check it!

If that solves your problem mark it as solution! Hope it helps!

Do you know any that would work for gfx?

Blender would be the most suitable option for GFX, plus its free.

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If you want to edit your GFX, this one ↑

If you wany to MAKE gfx, you can use Blender


Ok, thank you so much, I will make sure to download Photopea!

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Blender is your best choice for getting into creating gfx?

Gimp has a tool option similar to photoshop which is free for creating whatever style of art you wish to make. I know there are many free programs out there, since you’re looking into making graphic designs you will most likely need blender; as it has the tools and features to produce high quality renders.

A simple search will provide thousands of results of programs similar to paid ones. Gimp krita paint net ect; are good since they both provide the options to create a variety of artwork. Of course, any program you use does have a learning curve.