What Would Be A Good Way to Store Audio? (Optimization)

(I think this is the right category, but correct me if I’m wrong.)

I’ve been developing an experience that utilizes audio to give player sound cues on how to react in a situation. However, I’ve been feeling extremely worried about the sheer amount of audio items I have within the experience’s files.
For example, here’s a screenshot of the “Sounds” folder in the workspace (the other folders are filled with sounds too).
Screenshot (244)

All the audio in the folders are not played unless called for in a script.

I worry that having this many sound instances will cause lag and make the game harder to play.
Would this many sound instances lag my game and—if it does—is there any other less-hardware-intensive way of storing sounds in an experience?

I do the same thing for most of my games. In my opinion I think it’s really simple and easy to do it this way. It shouldn’t affect your game that much, so don’t worry about lag.