What would be a great alternative to Streetpass?

Hey! How is it going? I am trying to re-create Animal Crossing New Horizons + New Leaf. However, I am stuck on the Main Street part.

If you don’t know what Streetpass is, it is basically a feature exclusive to the Nintendo 3ds. You would close your system and put it into sleep mode, and you would go a few feet away from other peoples 3ds’s, and get a Streetpass signal. If that random person owns the same game as you, you can do very cool things that you can’t do without Streetpass. In Animal Crossing New Leaf, you could view other peoples houses, and order furniture from that person!

This is where you would buy furniture from in Animal Crossing:

I wish to create a system kind of like Streetpass. An idea I had in mind which is impossible to create is Roblox characters going next to each other in other games. If they are at least 10 studs away, the Streetpass connection would start, and if they both played my Animal Crossing re-creation, they could order furniture from each other.

Another idea I had was to create a module that worked like the first idea, but it would be hard to add the module into other peoples games. They also could use Streetpass functionality to their games.

What would be a great alternative for Streetpass? Please let me know! Thanks, WE

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It wouldn’t be too hard to do this, actually.

You could do a bit of a trade where if you put advertising for their game in your game, they can put Streetpass in their game.


Good luck.

I don’t personally know how you’d be able to do this, I know if you play ACNL offline, I believe it shows random houses instead of users houses if I’m right?

I think you should probably make a system where you put a code in to get others players houses etc to show up. I really don’t know how you can recreate that functionality of ACNL (doesn’t exist in ACNH).


There’s no way you can do it for every game on Roblox, but you can totally do it in your game, right? Adding this functionality in your game only would be better since it encourages social activity in your game.

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The closest equivalent you can do is proximity prompts, or if you want it to be completely automated just seeing how far players are from eachother would be fine.


Unless I turned it into an open sourced module, it could encourage developers to use it. I would also need to get some 3rd party HTTP servers… However, HTTPService is a very big weakness of mine…

How would the Module work?

  1. Players that walk 10 studs from each other using a raycast would add the player name to the database
  2. Developers would use code like this to activate RoPass
   local RoPassResult = Module:GetNewRoPassPlayersAsync(Player.UserId) -- Returns a Table of the Player + the game they encountered each other on and other info...
   for _, Players in pairs(RoPassResult) do
      print(Players.Name.. " Meet ".. Player.Name .. " in ".. Players.GameName)