What Would Be A Great Name For This Game?

Hello everyone, so I have a game here that is right now named, Luigi’s Mansion Scream Playground. The game is like The Clown Killings Reborn, except it has a Luigi’s Mansion style. So Luigi has to catch every boo while the boos have to run away from Luigi. It has almost been a month and the game already made an outstanding profit along with a descent amount of visits you could say. I plan to continue on working more on the game (especially building), but the only problem is I don’t know what to properly call it. I feel as if the name I have now is too long and pretty bad, if you have any name ideas please list them below, Thanks! :grin:

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I love Luigi, but unfortunately if you’re referring to the Nintendo character you are risking getting flagged for copyright infringement. I’d tackle that before renaming the game.


Luigi’s Playground
Luigi Scream House
Scream Mansion

There’s near infinite names you could call it. It depends what you care most about and what you think will draw players in.

But as @CaptLincoln points out, probably best to avoid copyright and either create your own character or make it generic.


I would take the word “Luigi” out of the title and take all Nintendo assets out of the game and archive them immediately!

From 2014 - 2018 I worked on a Mario 64 remake and it actually was my first game to hit 1k visits, then 10k, and finally I had 100k visits and I was so happy because I completed the dream of my 8 year old self and WAY BEYOND. Then one day in October 2018 I got a message saying I need to take the game down because of copyright, I was devastated about this and I legit stopped developing for 8 months (I returned June 2019). All my work, such hard work, for the past 4 years was gone.

The point of me sharing my story is to tell you to not make the same mistake that I did, please change the name and prevent yourself from making the same mistake.

Edit: I meant to reply to OP, I apologize


Yes copyright, that is the hardest thing I am trying to work with especially as the game grows and gets older, I am trying to figure out how to change the design of the game and yes that was definitely something I was thinking of @TyDye_RBLX, taking out the name “Luigi” because that type of stuff is really worrying me. I hope I can figure out ways and I plan on making lots of posts later on to help me with this issue. Scream Mansion sounds pretty good, thanks for the idea @BanTech. Hopefully I am able to accomplish this to being a future popular game with no risk. Wish me luck everyone!

Edit: I wish I noticed this before I made the game, but now I have to try and figure out another loop hole, oh well I will strive to do what I can for this game.

What do you mean “find a loop hole”

Well I don’t really want to mess up the whole game structure and such, so I mean I want to try and make things more generic like what BanTech and CaptLincoln said above.

Edit: then again, I guess I could totally make the game design different and make up new characters, that would probably be easier.

I will see what I can do, it is all a work in progress right now.

If you would like, I can help you create some characters(in the literary sense) to replace Luigi. I can’t draw or anything but I can help you develop your character as an individual.

That would be super helpful thank you, I would also probably need to find things to replace my boo costumes too. We can continue this in a message.

Thank you @CaptLincoln for the ideas on the remake of this game, copyright should be fixed as soon as everything comes together. Thank you for all of the ideas on everything guys! It was very helpful! The new name I plan for this game is Bacon Escape where Luigi is replaced with a Fry Cook (name will be thought of soon) and the boos will be replaced with Burger Ingredients. As an extra note, the new currency will be called crumbs.